Vermont Kayak & Vacation Trip

Nancy, Jesse, and I visited Vermont for some vacation time. Stayed in White River Junction, selected for the area’s numerous access spots on both the White River and the Connecticut River.


Interstate driving in July creates a thirst. Therefore, we stopped at the Harpoon brewery right off the highway in Windsor. We agreed on these two things about beer: 1. it must be very cold, 2. it tastes better when it’s never been on a truck.


On the Connecticut River above the Wilder Dam. Unlike the previous photo, there’s more water than beer.


We saw four or five rope swings along the shore. Some looked unsafe. This one was probably had the best arc, height, and landing experience. Jesse said it was very cold.


Pose from the Karate Kid


We stopped for lunch on Gilman Island. It even had a flat spot and picnic table. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, chips, carrots, water never tasted so good. The island is covered with hemlocks and white pines of all sizes. This looks like one of the biggest pines.


A serious sports enthusiast and his coach. Some days you need to give your arms and fanny a break from kayaking.


Path through the hemlocks, jewel weed, and ferns along the Quechee Gorge in Hartford, VT.


The bridge above the Quechee Gorge is 162 feet high. Panorama covers the view from straight down all the way to the horizon, looking south. Amazing straight line through the rock.


At the far end of the gorge in the above photo, things flatten out and the water’s more sedate.


Our traveling rig. Only half utilized. The aluminum truck box was a roadside find earlier this summer. Fits all the paddles, life jackets, gear, and supplies. It’s screwed down to the trailer boards to keep it from disappearing.

© Copyright 2017 Peter Billard Photographer